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Welcome to the Global Titans Program Portal!

Step 1: Select Your Application Type

Under Program Search and Application Type, select:

  • Outgoing - If you are a CSUF student who wishes to study abroad/away
  • Incoming - If you are an international student who would like to study at CSUF
  • Scholarships - If you are a CSUF student interested in also applying for study abroad scholarships
  • Program Enrollment - If you are a CSUF department/faculty program leader

Step 2: Find A Program

Select your program from the available list for Incoming, Scholarship and Program Enrollment programs. For Outgoing programs, enter the program name if you know it or plug in program parameters to help you narrow down your search. You can search for programs based on one or more program parameters. Your search results will list programs that match the parameters you select.

Tips: You can select multiple options within one category (e.g. Area of Study) by holding the Ctrl/Cmd key when clicking. However, multiple selections from one category will return results for those selections separately, not together (e.g. Art or Mathematics). If searches are not yielding enough results, try reducing the number of boxes you select from.

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