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Faculty/Staff Resources

Terra Dotta Training Materials
Before using Terra Dotta to access and view study abroad/away program applications, you will first need staff-level access. To verify if you have the correct permissions, please contact Aileen Vickory at

Then, to jump in using Terra Dotta to monitor and process study abroad/away program applications, please click on the links below to view our training materials.

If you would like further assistance, please contact Aileen Vickory at to arrange or inquire about upcoming in-person training sessions. 
Level One: Beginners & Refresher Training
Instructions: Use the Beginners & Refresher Training Powerpoint to view the full training information and instructions. Then, when directed in the powerpoint, view the accompanying demo videos. 
​Terra Dotta Faculty Beginners & Refresher Training Powerpoint 
Demo Video 1: Student-Applicant Experience
Demo Video 2: Faculty Admin Layout
Demo Video 3: Individual Applicant Search
Demo Video 4: Group Search & Query
Demo Video 5: Progress Audit
Demo Video 6: Batch Functions