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Understanding of Study Abroad Transfer Credit Procedures

Students applying to CSU IP, CSUF reciprocal exchange, or Non-CSUF programs will need to complete the Study Abroad & Global Engagement (SAGE) Transfer Credit Approval Form in order to apply credit earned on these programs towards specific course requirements for degree completion.


Obtaining Transfer Credit Course Approval

  1. Read these instructions thoroughly. 
  2. Download and print the SAGE Transfer Credit Approval Form. Students may submit multiple forms: Study Abroad Transfer Credit Approval Form
  3. Locate and research the course information for your preferred classes at your host university or program. Compare them to courses in the CSUF course catalog ( to determine CSUF course equivalents.
    • Tip: Usually course descriptions are available on your host university’s website. However, in many cases, the course listings and descriptions are tentative, and you will not complete your final registration until you arrive onsite.  Therefore, you should also gather course descriptions for alternate course choices in case your first choices are not available.
  4. Meet with the appropriate department advisor(s) to obtain their signature approving the CSUF course equivalent(s) of the course(s) you will take abroad during your program. Be sure to bring with you all the course information you have gathered as the approving person will need to review them.    
  5. Upload your completed form(s) onto your SAGE Portal application.



  • CSUF course equivalents must be approved by the corresponding academic department (e.g. the Math department must approve Math courses). 
  • Courses will transfer as follows to your CSUF transcript according to study abroad program type:
  • If your host university courses change, you may submit a revised SAGE Transfer Credit Approval Form.
  • This document must be submitted before any credits from the host institution can transfer back for specific CSUF course credit. I also understand that this document should be submitted ideally, prior to my departure abroad. If not, I am responsible for submitting the form upon return from my program abroad.
  • *For students participating in Non-CSUF programs only: if you want your courses to transfer back to fulfil program requirements, you must initiate the TDA exception process with the relevant academic department, in addition to completing the SAGE transfer credit approval form.
  • An official transcript must be received by the CSUF Study Abroad & Global Engagement before any credits from the host institution can transfer back for specific CSUF course credit. You are responsible for ensuring that your official transcript from your host study abroad institution is sent to SAGE. 
Study Abroad & Global Engagement Program Type No Transfer Credit Approval With Transfer Credit Approval
CSU International Programs (IP) Resident "International Studies" units (elective) Resident CSUF course units
CSUF Reciprocal Exchange Programs Transfer elective units Resident CSUF course units
Non-CSUF Provider or Direct Enroll Programs Transfer elective units Transfer course units
(TDA Exception required in addition to Transfer Credit Approval Form)